Scholarships and Awards

NOTIFICATION: If you have been selected for any award (e.g. entrance scholarship, bursary, etc.) please inform Ms. Clowers ASAP. Even if you are not going to accept the award, let Ms. Clowers know the name and amount of the award.

Please visit the Blog for current postings and applications.

PAC Awards

Nominations for the PAC awards will open at the beginning of March.

Scholarship Forms

The following forms are very important for those who would like to apply for various scholarship, please download and look over them carefully to make sure that you understand what they are asking for.

Scholarship Resume
School Procedures
Scholarship Websites
Student Profile (Remember to update your profile throughout the year to ensure we have the most current information)

Useful Links

Scholarship information is posted on the Scholarship Bulletin Board which is on the third floor, across from the Library. Information will also be given to all Grade 12 English Teachers.

Visit these websites for databases of scholarships, bursaries and grants, as well as information on financing your education:

Scholarships Canada
Education Planner
Student Awards
School Finder
BC Ministry of Education Awards
District Awards Activity Record

If you have any further questions regarding scholarships or require more information please see Ms. Clowers in room 335.