Clubs & Organizations

Descriptions and e-mails are used as stated on your Club Applications. Personal e-mails are generally only utilized with permission in regards to privacy concerns. E-mails utilizing Chinese providers (QQ, Sina, 163, e.g.) or ending in .cn are not allowed.

Email Addresses may be opened with an E-Mail client or copied by selecting the proper option after right clicking the club name.

Moscrop Sleep Tight Club TBA Raise funds for Vancouver Convenant Church to support homeless youth.
Moscrop Fine Arts Council TBA Raise awareness of cancer and funds for BC Cancer Foundation through fine arts.
Moscrop Children With Disabilities Society¬† TBA Fundraise for the Variety Children’s Charity to help children with disabilities.
Moscrop Cancer Society TBA Fundraise for the benefit of the BC Cancer Society, promote cancer awareness
Nutrition Club TBA Promoting healthy living and sharing recipes.
Moscrop Martial Arts Club TBA To learn and practice martial art techniques.
Unity for Green TBA To implement environmental projects and campaigns within the school.
Reach for the Top TBA To promote academic knowledge and compete against other school teams in trivia pertaining to all subjects.
Moscrop Gaming Club TBA To provide gamers with quality tournaments to test their skills.
Entrepreneurship Club TBA To provide opportunities and general discussion about the field of business and entrepreneurship.
Book Club TBA To analyze and discuss books, and to share inspiration and enthusiasm about the field of literature.
Moscrop Business Club TBA To spread knowledge while preparing for case competitions and conferences.
Moscrop Prowler TBA To keep students informed on student activities and events at Moscrop, publish quarterly newspaper.
Animal Protection Association TBA To protect animals from abuse, extinguish and other cruelties.
Activism Club TBA Discussing, debating and exposing the various social and political issues of our society.
Moscrop Christian Club TBA
Spoken Word / Slam Poetry Club TBA To provide a friendly enviroment for creative individuals to express ideas and opinions through poetry and voice.
Best Buddies TBA To establish a global volunteer movement that creates friendships and leadership development for people with disabilities.
Mind Over Autism TBA Creates awareness events and meets with ACCESS students during lunch.
Free the Children / Amnesty International TBA To promote human rights, empower and motivate members to be the change through workshops, guest speakers and lectures.
Model United Nations TBA To teach students the fundamental aspects in the MUN process.
Taste of Asia TBA To promote multiculturalism through organizing cultural performances, activities and fundraise for the BC Childrens Hospital.
Colourful World / R-Force TBA Promote youth engagement in the community through volunteering and leadership.
LEO TBA Provides volunteer opportunities in liaison with Lions International to create leadership based opportunities.
Ski / Snowboard Club / Team TBA To practice and enjoy skiiing and snowboarding.
Debate Club TBA To educate students in the art of debate, as well as to compete against other schools in the DSABC Umbrella organization.
Moscrop Music Council TBA  Organizes the spring and winter concerts as well as fundraising for the music department.
Squash Club TBA To promote the sport of Squash.
Nerd Culture Club TBA To bring together the gaming/comic/anime community.
Politics Club TBA To discuss the intricacies of the political aspects of the world we live in.
Science Club TBA To learn and experiment in the field of science.