Staff Directory

Name Department E-Mail Address
Mr. D. Adrian English
Mr. G. Akizuki Applied Skills
Mr. M. Allen Vice Principal
Ms. R. Bacot Languages
Mr. J. Baird Applied Skills
Mr. W. Best Safety School Specialist
Mr. S. Bolhuis Educational Assistant
Mr. A. Botting Visual and Performing Arts
Mr. D. Boychuk English
Ms. P. Bromley ELL
Ms. S. Brown Physical Education
Mr. I. Buchanan Science
Ms. N. Burns Science
Mr. C. Bymoen Physical Education
Ms. S. Callister Library
Mr. S. Chang Mathematics
Ms. C. Chase Youth and Family Worker
Mr. H. Chenafi Science/Languages
Mr. N. Cheng Mathematics
Mr. C. Cheong Mathematics
Ms. I. Chiru Languages
Ms. A. Chow Visual and Performing Arts
Ms. M. Chow Applied Skills
Ms. C. Clowers Social Studies
Ms. L. Dato Career Programs
Mr. G. DePaco Mathematics
Ms. K. Duncan Applied Skills
Mr. T. Exume Languages
Mr. P. Fester Principal
Ms. B. Fordyce Visual and Performing Arts
Ms. F. Fry Learning Support
Mr. F. Fulop Science
Mr. C. Gammie Applied Skills
Ms. C. Gaskell Physical Education
Ms. N. Gillam Social Studies
Ms. F. Glasgow Educational Assistant
Mr. S. Gopal ELL
Ms. K. Green English
Ms. A. Greenside Applied Skills
Mr. L. Grogan Social Studies
Ms. P. Hao Languages
Mr. W. Harvey Languages
Ms. Y. Hawkins Counsellor
Ms. W. Henderson Science Lab Coordinator
Ms. J. Ho Applied Skills
Ms. C. Howard Educational Assistant
Mr. R. Hunter English
Ms. V. Ignas Science
Dr. G. Joe English
Ms. A. Kazulin (DH) Languages
Ms. T. Kazulin Languages
Ms. K. Lange Science
Mr. A. Lau Applied Skills
Ms. C. Lee English
Mr. G. Leung (DH) Physical Education
Ms. L. Liegmann Counsellor
Mr. D. Lintott (DH) Social Studies
Mr. J. Look Science
Ms. O. Loong (DH) Applied Skills
Ms. J. MacLean Visual and Performing Arts
Mr. H. Melin Science
Mr. R. Manoharan Applied Skills
Mr. N. Mehta Physical Education
Ms. A. Nguyen International Student Assistant
Ms. T. Niccoli-Harris Counsellor
Ms. P. Orlando Languages
Ms. L. Parker Languages
Mr. P. Parkes English
Ms. A. Pattenaude Visual and Performing Arts
Ms. L. Pedersen Languages
Ms. M. Pitassi Library Assistant
Ms. E. Poulsen Educational Assistant
Ms. S. Quelch (DH) English
Mr. R. Riach Social Studies
Mr. S. Robinson Visual and Performing Arts
Ms. K. Ronald Languages
Ms. J. Rundell Visual and Performing Arts
Ms. A. Sawatsky Social Studies
Ms. S. Shahidi (DH) Learing Support
Mr. M. Sidney Science
Ms. KM. Sigerson Visual and Performing Arts
Ms. P. Simmonds Science
Ms. I. Singh Mathematics
Ms. R. Singhai Science
Mr. W. Sisler Learning Support
Ms. M. Smayra Languages
Mr. S. Spracklin (DH) Physical Education/Athletics
Mr. C. Stemo Social Studies
Ms. A. Strickland Learning Support
Ms. J. Szpila Educational Assistant
Ms. J. Tapia Social Studies
Ms. J. Taylor ELL
Mr. K. Tyfting Counsellor
Ms. O. Vancic (DH) Counsellor
Ms. B. Vissers Science
Ms. C. Wan Science
Ms. H. Watson Vice Principal
Ms. T. Wispinski Career Programs
Mr. A. Wong Physical Education
Ms. C. Wong Career Program/English
Ms. S. Wong ELL
Ms. C. Wu Mathematics
Mr. D. Young (DH) Mathematics