Why Take Music

For those parents who believe that their child should be taking another academic course instead of a music class, in preparation for university, consider this research by Stanford University.

7 REASONS TO STUDY MUSIC by Stanford University

1. Unlike many subjects in which answers are either correct or incorrect, music is based on using sound musical knowledge to make good judgments. There is no single right answer in music, a concept that is not studied in most courses until the university level.

2. Music teaches us that problems can have more than one solution and questions have more than one answer.

3. Music teaches complex problem solving skills. Students learn that results are not fixed but change with circumstances.

4. Music teaches us that small changes can create large effects.

5. Music exercises the mind. Music works with symbols, not words, and uses parts of the mind that exist beyond the limitations of language.

6. Music teaches students to respect and accept all emotions including emotions such as anger and grief that we are often incapable of expressing through language.

7. The higher level skills that are learned through music are transferable to other subjects such as calculus and physics.

If you are wondering how greatly universities value a musical background for prospective students, consider this:

1. Students who study music score higher in all major academic exams such as university entrance exams, SAT scores etc.

2. Universities such as UBC and Brown University look for students who are well-rounded and show interest in subjects other than their academic subjects. Music is their # 1 choice to complement academic marks as it indicates discipline, teamwork, a comprehensive education, and an ability to understand complex higher-level skills.