Dance Shows

Dance show night always goes by in a bit of a blur it seems… almost at warp speed! I’m interested in collecting together a group of students who would like to help with the behind the scenes production.  This would work very well with students who are not dancing in the show. So, if you’d like service hours and you love backstage or front of house type activity then see me for further details.

The prime directive of a performance in the Moscrop dance studio is to provide students with the opportunity to present their movement work to a small audience in a comfortable and informal setting of parents and friends. The studio holds about 100 audience members and the shows are usually about one hour long. The purpose of these performances is not just to entertain. This is a creative art experience and it is hoped that students will complete their learning process by having a performance opportunity for their work to be viewed. In dance… being ‘seen’ is the culmination of the dancemaking experience. The final step in the process is usually followed up through reflection in dialogue, conversations and journal entries after a performance is over.