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Dance Ed
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Dance Company (Grades 9 to 12)

This is an advanced placement dance course for grades 9 through 12 where students work alone and in groups to create, explore, and refine movement and choreography.Together, with the teacher, students create a repertoire of dances in a variety of dance genres within a more professional atmosphere.

If you want an opportunity to be in a class where you are pushed further, learn advanced material at a faster pace, and are surrounded by students that really want to take their dancing to the next level—then you should audition to be a part of Dance Company! Auditions for this course will be held in May 2013.

Students accepted into this course are expected to attend extra rehearsals closer to performance time, and conduct themselves with a higher level of commitment and dedication. Dance Company members will also have extra performance and leadership opportunities throughout the school year.

** This course will occur outside of the regular time table, as a morning X-block, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 7:30am-8:30am.

*** Students interested in taking Dance Company must select “Dance Company” on their course selection form, along with a second dance course within the regular timetable.Ms. Chow will adjust student schedules accordingly after the Dance Company auditions occur.

[Pre-Requisites: Admission by audition and teacher approval only.Students must also be registered in a second dance course within the time table in order to be a member of Dance Company.]

Dance Leadership 11 / 12

Dance Leadership is a course where you get to assist in a junior level dance course, and become a mentor to their peers. Students in this course will work within the existing frame work of the dance program to develop as choreographers.

As an assistant in an assigned junior dance class, Dance Leadership students will have the opportunity to develop their choreographic, leadership, and teaching skills.This course is designed for highly dedicated and advanced dance students interested in furthering their dance experiences through teaching and working with peers.

To enroll in this course you must have previous dance experience, and a strong interest in developing the skills needed to create and teach movement/ choreography.Throughout the year Dance Leadership students will work closely with their peers to teach dance skills and choreography—preparing pieces to be performed a tour Winter Informal Showcase and Final Dance Recital.

[Pre-Requisites: Teacher approval only. Students must also be registered in a second dance course.]

Please speak with Ms. Chow if you are interested in enrolling in this course.