Social Studies

The Social Studies Department at Moscrop Secondary is a great place to learn. We are a collaborative group of professionals that take great pride  in making the Social Studies curriculum exciting, challenging and interesting for all. We help students develop skills such as reading comprehension, writing, primary source analysis, interpersonal skills development through group work and the use of technology for research and assignments. We use criteria reference and formative assessments to assist our students in understanding how to achieve success


Department Head: Mr. D. Lintott

Teacher Courses
Ms. C. Clowers Social Studies 8, Social Studies 9, Social Studies 11, Law 12
Sciences Humaines 10
Mr. D. Lintott Social Studies 9, Social Studies 10, AP European History 12 , Geography 12
Mr. T. Exume Sciences Humaines 8, Sciences Humaines 11
Mr. R. Riach Social Studies 8, Social Studies 11, Psychology 11, Pyschology 12, AP Human Geography 12
Ms. A. Sawatsky  Social Studies 10, Social Studies 11
Ms. M. Smayra Sciences Humaines 9
Mr. C. Stemo Social Studies 8, Psychology 11, Psychology 12, AP Psychology 12, Law 12
Ms. J. Tapia Social Studies 8, Social Studies 11
Social Studies 9, Sciences Humaines 9, Social Justice 12

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