Physical Education

The Moscrop PE program values participation, choice and inclusion for its students’ learning experience. Students are presented diverse opportunities in physical education that introduce, reinforce, and extend their physical literacy and knowledge base. Moscrop PE provides an up to date curriculum in health education, fitness, individual, dual, and team play. In addition, the senior PE program streams toward the notion of lifelong learning; that the foundations learned in PE 8, 9, and 10 are applied in PE 11 and 12 to support a healthy active lifestyle into adulthood.

Department Members and Teaching Assignments

Teacher Courses
Mr. Gary Akizuki Physical Education 11, Physical Education 12
Ms. Shelley Brown Physical Education 8, Physical Education 9, Physical Education Leadership 10
Mr. Craig Bymeon Physical Education 8, Weight Training 11, Weight Training 12
Ms. Colleen Gaskell Physical Education 8, Physical Education 9, Physical Education 10
Mr. Gary Leung (Dept Head) Physical Education 9, Physical Education 10, Physical Education 11, Physical Education 12

Mr. Scott Spracklin

(Athletic Director)

 Physical Education 10, Physical Education Leadership 9, Physical Education Leadership 10, Physical Education Leadership 11, Physical Education Leadership 12, SFU Soccer/Swimming Sports Clinic 8-12
Mr. Nikesh Mehta Physical Education Leadership 9, Physical Education 10
Mr. Adrian Wong Physical Education 8, Physical Education 9, Physical Education 10, Physical Education 11, Physical Education 12

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Physical Education Course Resources

  1. Badminton –
  2. Basketball –  and
  3. Field Hockey –
  4. Floor Hockey –
  5. Football – rule rule1
  6. Golf –
  7. Gymnastics –
  8. Handball –
  9. Lacrosse –
  10. Netball –
  11. Rugby –
  12. Soccer –
  13. Softball –
  14. Tchoukball –
  15. Tennis –
  16. Track & Field –
  17. Ultimate –
  18. Volleyball –
  19. Wrestling –

Physical Education 8, 9, 10 (MANDATORY COURSES)

The PE program for grades 8, 9, and 10 at Moscrop values participation, choice and inclusion. Moscrop PE strives to provide students with basic knowledge and skill level to engage in fitness oriented activities and variety of sports. Moscrop PE lessons promote achievement through fun activity, while instilling motivation to lead a healthy active lifestyle. Grade 10 students can apply to participate in our English / PE leadership Course instead of regular PE 10.

From September to January Students participate in PE with their scheduled PE teacher. From February to May students participate in physical activity units that they have chosen in advance. Students in grades 8 and 9 are introduced to fitness, active health, skill development, game rules and etiquette. Grade 10 PE reinforces active living skills, sport skill progressions with a focus on knowlege, fair play and sport strategy.

The active health units (one month) focus on grade specific themes:

Grade 8: Consequences of use (Drugs, smoking, alcohol)

Grade 9: Sex Education and Health Relationships

Grade 10: Healthy Lifestyle (Nutrition and physical responses to exercise)

Unique to the Moscrop PE Program students attend a unit selection procedure (aptly named Arena Schedule) in the last week in January. In preparation for the months between February and May students are encouraged to select a balance of individual, dual and team sports. Moscrop PE would offer a variety of unique activities including yoga, First Aid, golf racquet sports, and ultimate among others. Unit length varies between 8-10 classes.

Unit evaluation is based on participation, fitness, skill and knowledge aspects. The given values are guides only according to the PE Teachers’ discretion:

40%  Participation Five-point daily scale

30%  Fitness         Pre-class Warm up & fitness measurements

20%  Knowledge   Written tests/assignments

10%  Skill              Skills demonstrated

Students unable to participate in PE for an extended period of time (unit length or greater) are required to provide a medical note (indicating the duration of absence from regular PE, limitations in movement, approximate return to activity) and complete alternate  assignments within the unit duration. If the injury or medical condition persists alternate programming will be explored.