The English Language Arts curriculum provides students with opportunities to experience the power of language by dealing with a variety of texts and a full range of contexts and purposes associated with the use of language.

The development of literacy is a key focus of this curriculum. Literacy today involves being able to understand and process oral, written, electronic, and multi-media forms of communication.

This curriculum acknowledges that students learn and develop at different rates and that the time frame for literacy development will vary.


Department Head: Ms. S. Quelch

Teacher Courses
Ms. S. Quelch (DH)  New Media 11, English 12 Creative Applications, Focused Literary Studies: Canon Honours 11
Mr. D. Adrian  AP English Literature & Composition 12, English 12
Ms. S. Brown  English 8, Focused Literary Studies 10 Leadership
Ms. K. Green English 9 Honours, Focused Literary Studies/Spoken Language 10 Honours, Creative Writing 11, English 12
Mr. R. Hunter English 8, English 9, Focused Literary Studies/Creative Writing 10
Dr. G. Joe English 9, Focused Literary Studies/Spoken Language 10, Focused Literary Studies 11
Ms. C. Lee English 9, Focused Literary Studies 11, New Media 11, English 12
Mr. P. Parkes English 8, Focused Literary Studies/Creative Writing 10, Focused Literary Studies 11 Fairy Tales, Fantasy Science Fiction
Ms. K. Ronald English 8, Focused Literary Studies/Creating Writing 10, Focused Literary Studies 11
Mr. D. Boychuk English 8 Honours, Focused Literary Studies 11/12, English 12

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