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Logging into MyEducation BC Family Portal

  1. For the first login, use a computer not a phone or a tablet
  2. Use Internet Explorer when logging in so you can click on the “Reveal Password” Eye icon to see that you have entered the password correctly
  3. Make sure popups are enabled for your browse
  4. Visit (This can also be accessed from our school website)

TipBoth user name and password are case sensitive

Enter your user name and password (Case Sensitive) then click Log On to access the system. When you log on for the first time, you will:

  • receive a message saying that your password has expired,
  • be prompted to enter your email address and,
  • be required to set up a security question.

Tip: Please read your password requirements carefully:

Tip: When choosing your security question, take the time to choose a question that you will be able to remember and that you will not forget, such as “What city were you born in” or “What is your father’s middle name?”

  • Enter your email address and security question so that in the future you can click “I forgot my password” to receive a new password.
  • Note: The system will automatically lock your account if you mis-type your password a total of 5 times.  After 4 failed attempts, click the blue “I forgot my password” link on the log-on screen after entering in your user name.  The program will ask for your email address as well as the answer to your security question.  If you answer it correctly, a new temporary password will be sent to your email account.  Use that new temporary password to enter the Family Portal and re-set your password.

Tip:  When you click “I forgot my password” you must enter your email address EXACTLY as it was set up in your Security preferences.

Printable PDF: Logging into Family Portal